What you should know

There are lots of iPad offers circulating on the internet; while a few are bogus, most others are genuine and do let you get a free iPad Mini. They can’t advertise it unless it were true!

iPad Mini next to iPad 2iPad Mini Free Offer- Understanding the Modus Operandi

There is no free lunch in this world. So, why are companies giving away iPad Mini? Let’s understand the process of how you  win a free iPad Mini and how companies benefit from it.

First, to win a free iPad Mini, the companies that are giving away iPad Mini will need you to try their products. You will need to pay a small fee to be able to join the promotional offer. When you try the product, the company makes money. Now, here you are only paying a small fee, because, in return you are going to get an iPad Mini, which is going to be priced at $249. For even more detail go here.

So, what does the company exactly gain out of this?

The companies are seeking repeat and loyal customers. When you try their product and like them, you are bound to use the products again and again. That’s exactly how the company benefits in the long run.

In the present day world of stiff competition, getting a new customer is quite difficult. Therefore, companies try novel ways to lure customers. Since digital gadgets are quite popular with people, companies try to seek customers by offering them an expensive, state of the art gift as iPad Mini.

Now, there is nothing unethical here. The companies offering free iPad Minis are genuine, reputed companies, trying to touch base with new customers.

What course of action you take after you receive your free gift is entirely your choice. There is no obligation of any sort on you. If you truly like their products you may become a loyal customer or you may simply prefer to walk away with the free gift, no worries!


Then there are some companies that ask for commitment from you. You get the free iPad Mini, but you will be asked to give your feedback once you are done with their promotional offers. This is again great, because ultimately, you get a free iPad Mini!

A caution that you must take is not to part with your banking information or other confidential information as password or credit card numbers.

In short, free iPad Mini offers are genuine. Why not try out the offers listed here and get yourself a free iPad Mini? It’s worth it!

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How This Offer Works

How these sites work:

The reason it is even possible to get a “free” iPad Mini is a bit complicated, or really simple depending on how you look at it. But here is the rundown..

Basically companies and services like Netflix, Gamefly, Blockbuster, etc. are looking to get more customers. They want customers so bad that they are willing to PAY other websites to bring them customers. This is where those free iPad type websites come in. Websites will use an iPad or any other hot gadget as an incentive or lure to bring customers to other services who are paying for new customers. They will get paid for each new customer they bring in. So if they bring a customer to say 15 different sites (Netflix, Blockbuster, Gamefly, etc etc) they will get about 200$ total because Netflix will pay 15$ for a new customer, Blockbuster will pay maybe 18$ for a new customer, and Gamefly will pay maybe 12$ for each new customer.

When a website gets a user to sign up to enough companies to try their service, that website will have enough money to purchase an iPad Mini for that website user, AND they will have a bit of money left over as profit. So its a win-win-win situation because you get your iPad Mini, we get paid by the companies, and the companies get new customers!

That’s why some websites say “earn” points, basically by signing up for these services you “earn” a bit of money which the site will call points to hide that fact from you. So that some naive users don’t realize they just “earned” the website $70 bucks but then quit halfway.  Also, 9 times out of 10, the user will quit halfway. This means the website won’t get to buy you the iPad Mini;  but since they signed up to a few services they still earned some money for the site anyway. This is why they put the hardest offers at the end, because if they don’t have to buy an iPad for the visitor they get to keep all the money.

So when you sign up to the iPad offer, go all the way and demand your iPad when you complete the process. You might have to spend about $50+ to get all the little trial offers and what not, but its way cheaper than retail for the iPad Mini or iPad 2.

Some other details to remember:

There are certain rules to qualify for a free iPad Mini. The rules are to be followed stringently so as not go get disqualified.

Most of the offers specify one free iPad Mini per physical location. That means if there are 2 or more people living in the same house, only one person can sign up for the free offer.

Therefore, school computers, public library or internet cafe should not be used to send your application. The websites check the IP address to identify the location from when the person signed up.

So, to avoid being disqualified, use your home computer to sign up for a free iPad Mini. Make sure that only one of you sign up for the offer from your home.

Also, be sure to use your REAL information when signing up to offers. The only way to know that you really signed up to the services is if it can be proven and if you use fake information, or lots of different credit cards and addresses it will just not work out. They won’t be able to know if you really signed up to them all.

Be sure to contact the website support, it will get tricky to know which site is supposedly giving you the iPad Mini so you should know who it is. We at FreeiPadMinis.org are NOT the ones who are actually giving you the iPad Mini, we are directing you to a website that is, and we get paid about a dollar to refer you to them. So if you are going to try and claim an iPad Mini make sure you get in touch with their customer service so you can find out what else you  need to do if anything.

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